If you would like to make an enquiry, place an order or ask any questions, please contact me!

Paper Day Terms & Conditions​

Order Process

- A consultation through email will begin after your initial online enquiry. Once you have emailed me your ideas, names, quotes, dates etc for your paper cut, I will sketch a design which I will send to you through email. I will also provide you with an estimated cost for your paper cut, background paper and frame and an estimate for shipping if required

- Once you receive your sketched paper cut design, have a look, let me know what you do like and if there is anything you are not so happy with. I will make any required changes and send you through a new sketch

- When you confirm through email that you are happy with your design, I will confirm the cost of your paper cut and send through details for you to make a 40% non refundable deposit via online banking

- Now for the exciting part - as soon as your paper cut is complete I will email you photos, showing your design backed and framed. At this stage the remaining 60% payment is due

- Once I have received the remaining balance, I will either ship your paper cut or arrange a day and time for you to collect your work of art


- A 40% deposit is required before work on your paper cut will commence, this payment must be made via online banking

- Any balance owing can be paid via online banking once the order is completed (payment must show in my account prior to collection).All weekend collections must be paid in full prior to collection via online banking

​- Deposits are non-refundable at any stage. Full payments are non-refundable at any stage


- Once order is complete, a time will be arranged for you to collect your paper cut

- Pick up location is 2.5 km from the Cambridge Post Office. Exact address is given once pickup is confirmed

- Although highly unlikely, Paper Day reserves the right to sell any paper cut/s that are not collected within 28 days of the agreed date


- In most cases Paper Day will arrange shipping of orders. If you do want to organise shipping yourself, all courier/shipping details must be provided in full to Paper Day via email, before your paper cut will be released

- All payments including remaining balance and/or shipping costs, must be met by you, before your paper cut will be released to any courier/shipping company


- Contact made via email or Facebook only. No phone contact

You agree that

- Once Paper Day has received the required deposit or full upfront payment, this is considered acceptance of these terms and condition

Please feel free to contact me with any ​questions​ at all​, I'd be happy to help :-)